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Thank you for you interest in Journeymen IT

Journeymen IT was founded by Matthew Hendrickson to support the specific IT needs and budgets of small businesses in the GTA. 

In serving business as a support specialist and consultant since 2003, it became clear that small businesses have unique IT needs that were simply not being met by large providers.

Journeymen IT provides the same level of communication and support that large business receive from their full-time, on-staff information technology departments, but without the overhead.  We provide exceptional IT expertise and service efficiency without demanding costly retainers, charging excessive hourly rates masquerading as per-service costs, or up-selling unnecessary technologies.

In short, we charge only for our expertise and service when you need it.

To best serve the needs of small businesses, we collaborate with other support providers who share our values. We work closely with Hired Guns Network Support, to meet the needs of the very smallest businesses while maintaining the resources to handle the most complex IT issues.

This gives you the assurance that no IT problem is too small or too complex to resolve quickly and cost-effectively.

For all your IT requirements, please contact Journeymen IT.

Matthew Hendrickson
Owner, Journeymen IT

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